The Group of Friends of UHC serves as an informal platform for UN Member States to exchange information on events and initiatives worldwide and at the UN that seek to support and advocate for achieving UHC by 2030.

It also serves as a forum where members of the Group of Friends can discuss how to reiterate the value of UHC as an overarching goal to promote good health and well-being for all, at all ages, within the context of the UN and the 2030 Agenda. Finally, it provides an opportunity for interested Member States to hear from relevant experts, partners and advocates on the various components and implications of health systems strengthening, including monitoring, accountability and the implementation measures necessary to achieve and sustain UHC.

With its partners, the Group of Friends can also consider, on an ad hoc basis, lending support and/or organizing special events and building momentum towards UHC High-Level meetings and towards achieving UHC by 2030.

The Group of Friends of UHC is open at the Permanent Representative (PR) and Deputy Permanent Representative (DPR) levels.

The group is open to all Member States, and is co-convened by Japan, Thailand, and Georgia, which provide logistical and administrative support for the group. It was established in December 2018 at the occasion of UHC Day celebrations.

Meetings are held on an as-needed basis, with the aim to hold a meeting every three months.