Stronger health systems are the backbone of progress towards UHC and all of the health SDG targets. A diverse group of international partnerships, alliances and networks focuses on strengthening different aspects of health systems.

This video highlights how UHC2030 partnerships and alliances contribute to stronger health systems and to achieving universal health coverage.

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UHC2030 is the global movement to build stronger health systems for UHC, and plays a convening role for this group of health systems ‘related initiatives’.

As part of the the UHC2030 'family', the related initiatives are committed to promoting the principles of the UHC2030 Global Compact for Progress towards UHC and common approaches to strengthening health systems embedded in Healthy Systems for Universal Health Coverage - a Joint Vision for Healthy Lives, the UHC Key Asks and Health Emergencies and UHC.

They can take advantage of the UHC2030’s multi-stakeholder platform to promote mutually reinforcing action among a broader range of partners and constituencies, share information, learning and resources, and collaborate towards shared health systems objectives and UHC goals.

Health Systems Strengthening: Related Initiatives presents a short profile of each UHC2030 related initiatives with information about opportunities to work together.

Main related initiatives

Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research

Supporting generation and use of evidence that strengthens health systems.

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Global Action Plan for Healthy Lives and Well-being for All (SDG3 GAP) – PHC Accelerator

Strengthening collaboration across health-related UN and other multilateral agencies to achieve the health-related SDGs targets.

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Health Data Collaborative

Working with countries to improve health data and build capacity.

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Health Systems Global

Promoting health systems research and knowledge translation.

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Health Systems Governance Collaborative

Networking stakeholders in health systems governance for UHC.

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Joint Learning Network

Networking practitioners and policy makers to develop knowledge for UHC.

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P4H Social Health Protection Network

Strengthening collaboration for health financing and social health protection for UHC.

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Saving lives by making innovative health products accessible, available and affordable for people who need them most – fast

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Universal Health Coverage Partnership

Supporting health policy dialogue for UHC.

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Working for Health

Leveraging the multi-sectoral collaboration, actions, investments, and partnerships that are needed in the health and care workforce to deliver UHC and health for all.

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Other related initiatives

UHC2030 also engages with a range of other partnerships and initiatives (including those focused on specific diseases or population groups), to facilitate a more integrated approach to advocacy and accountability for UHC and shared health goals.

This is not an exhaustive list. Collaboration could also include relevant regional partnerships, alliances and networks such as the ASEAN+3, UHC Network, Harmonisation for Health in Africa, and the the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.