Making progress towards universal health coverage is a global commitment and a national responsibility. Leaders must show political will to turn their promises into action, with clear strategies, targets and timelines. Use the following advocacy tools to hold your leaders accountable. 

Election advocacy guide: Getting UHC on the ballot

By consistently engaging in the electoral process, UHC advocates can influence the selection of policymakers who are committed to prioritizing the fundamental right to health. Sustained engagement also fosters a culture where healthcare is a recurring and prioritized electoral issue.

The Election advocacy guide: Getting UHC on the balance provides guidance for UHC advocates wishing to influence the elections taking place in their countries. 

With elections taking place in over 70 countries in 2024, this is a pivotal moment to ensure your future leaders keep health high on their political agendas and understand the importance of taking urgent and meaningful action towards health for all. 

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Highlights from the 2023 UN High-level Meeting on UHC

UHC Action Agenda Social Media Advocacy Toolkit

Please use our social media advocacy toolkit to champion the Action Agenda and accelerate progress towards universal health coverage.

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"As an issue that cuts across every Sustainable Development Goal, health tells us how well we are delivering on our entire 2030 Agenda, from ending poverty and tackling climate change, to building safe and peaceful societies." 

- Dennis Francis, President of the 78th session of the UN General Assembly, 2023 UN High-level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage