Parliamentarian Guide - 6 action steps to achieve UHC

UHC is an urgent priority to end the current global health crisis and build a safer, healthier future for everyone. In September 2019, at the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC, world leaders endorsed the most ambitious political declaration on health in history. The declaration recognised the critical importance of legislative and regulatory frameworks for the achievement of UHC, and therefore of parliamentary action.

Making UHC a reality cannot happen without the support and active involvement of Parliamentarians. Through their work in legislation, budget allocation, oversight, representation and in some cases, ratification of international agreements, Parliamentarians are responsible for laying the groundwork necessary to building strong and resilient health systems that can provide care to everyone, everywhere, especially the most vulnerable and the most marginalized.

Parliamentarian Guide: 6 action steps to achieve universal health coverage provides lawmakers with the tools that they need to undertake tangible actions toward UHC, which include: 

Lead. Protect. Legislate. Advocate. Invest. Collaborate.

The guide also includes 10 modules with recommended focus areas, from gender equality to global health security systems. Meeting the UHC commitment requires good governance integrated with social protection systems that provide social safety nets and organised governance that oversees both the health and social sectors. 

This guide equips legislators with the full scope of information on UHC and its ripple effects on society and addresses the social justice reform that will serve as the foundation of UHC.

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