Module 2: Introduction to public financing for health relevant for budget advocacy for universal health coverage

Section A:  Introduction to public policy and its association with the budget in relation to UHC

The public budget is a reflection of a government’s public policy priorities. The first step in developing budget analysis and advocacy is to first understand what the key policy priorities are. 

Download: A1. What is public policy in general terms?

Download: A2. What is the role of public resources in relation to public policy?

Download: A3. On what should health policies focus for countries to achieve UHC?

Download: Tool WHO Global health expenditure report

Download: Tool: The WHO health financing progress matrix

Download: Tool: WHO Handbook for strategizing health in the 21st century for designing public policies for universal health coverage

Download: Activity. Understanding key elements of health policy design for UHC

Download: Activity: Exploring UHC budget information using the Global Heath Expenditure Database