Module 1: Key aspects of health and UHC 

Section A: Universal health coverage

Download: A1: Defining UHC in the context of SDG3

Download: A2: Relevance of UHC for disease or population specific interests

Download: A3: Importance of social determinants of health

Download: A4: Common goods for health: A foundation for UHC

Download: A5: Need for strong health systems with emphasis on primary health care

Download: A6: Role of public finance

Module 2: Introduction to public financing for health relevant for budget advocacy for universal health coverage

Section A:  Introduction to public policy and its association with the budget in relation to UHC

The public budget is a reflection of a government’s public policy priorities. The first step in developing budget analysis and advocacy is to first understand what the key policy priorities are. 

Download: A1. What is public policy in general terms?

Download: A2. What is the role of public resources in relation to public policy?

Download: A3. On what should health policies focus for countries to achieve UHC?

Download: Tool WHO Global health expenditure report

Download: Tool: The WHO health financing progress matrix

Download: Tool: WHO Handbook for strategizing health in the 21st century for designing public policies for universal health coverage

Download: Activity. Understanding key elements of health policy design for UHC

Download: Activity: Exploring UHC budget information using the Global Heath Expenditure Database

Section B: Introduction to the public budget and its relevance for UHC 

Download: B1. Political economy approach- a conceptual framework to introduce the politics of public budgeting

Download: B2. What is the public budget and why is it relevant?

Download: B3. The revenue side of the public expenditure for health  and what is relevant for UHC budget advocacy

Download: B4. Expenditures in the public budget and those relevant for UHC budget advocacy

Download: B5. Key budget classifications

Download: Tool WHO country mapping of health budget classifications

Download: Activity: What budget classifications is my country using to organize health and UHC related expenditures?

Section C: Introduction to the budget cycle and links with planning universal health coverage  

Download: C1. What is the budget cycle and what are its key stages and actors?

Download: C2. Main stakeholders that intervene in the budget cycle

Download: C3. The budget cycle, its stages and stakeholders for UHC

Download: 1 Activity: Building the budget cycle for your country

Download: 2 Activity: Identifying the role of the ministry of health in the budget cycle

Section D: Budget information: key budget documents relevant for budget advocacy and useful resources to locate UHC related budget information

Download: D1. The key budget documents and their content

Download: D2. Where to find budget documents

Download: D3. Budget information relevant for UHC and where to find it


Download: 1 Activity: Finding and exploring budget documents in my country

Download: 2 Activity: Finding budget documents in my country

Section E: Transparency, access to information and citizen participation as key elements of budget advocacy and accountability 

Download: E1. Why are transparency, access to information and citizen participation relevant in the context of UHC?

Download: E2. Key tools for understanding and measuring budget transparency around the world

Download: E3. Freedom of information around the world

Download: Activity: Learning about budget transparency oversight institutions and public participation in my country

Download: Activity: Freedom of information

Section F: Budget analysis as a key tool for budget advocacy for UHC

In this section, you can engage with budget numbers and have the opportunity to do budget analysis using their country’s budget figures: 

Download: F1. Why analyse the public budget?

Download: F2. Basic budget analysis

Download: F3. Common problems in the use of public resources that can be identified by budget analysis

Download: F4. Budget analysis relevant for UHC budget advocacy

Download: Tool: Basic budget calculations to identify common problems in the use of public resources

Download: Tool: 20 key questions about your country budget, IBP Kenya

Download. Activity: Adapting the 20 questions to UHC

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