UHC Leaves No One Behind - Let’s work together towards good health and well-being for all.

In September 2019, at the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) “Universal Health Coverage: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World,” world leaders endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history. In doing so, they committed to ensuring that by 2030 everyone in their country will receive all the quality health services they need without suffering financial hardship.

Recognizing the need for greater collaboration and harmonization across health stakeholders and programmes, the Coalition of Partnerships for UHC and Global Health unites health leaders and advocates in a common goal to align advocacy and accountability efforts to achieve UHC and advance the SDGs.

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Message from the Coalition Principal Group

Our purpose

Achieving UHC makes meaningful and positive inroads for all areas of health. This includes improving more integrated coverage across wider populations and focusing national governments on domestic resource mobilization. This has the potential to free up limited donor resources for more targeted health programmes.

That’s why, under the leadership of the principals of health-related partnerships, the Coalition of Partnerships for UHC and Global Health assists Member States and other stakeholders in:

  • Accelerating high-level political efforts around socio-political accountability—based on country-led, evidence-based progress reviews that involve all stakeholders—in order to enhance accountability under UN High-level Meeting (HLM) political declarations and ensure UHC delivers for vulnerable populations, including women, children and adolescents.
  • Supporting coordination among the various existing health initiatives and joint follow-up actions of UN HLMs (e.g. UHC, HIV/AIDS, AMR, TB, NCDs) for the preparation of the future UN HLMs on health agenda, including emergency preparedness.
  • Strengthening existing SDG accountability mechanisms, such as the High-Level Political Forum follow-up mechanisms, to identify gaps and solutions and to scale up efforts on health-related SDGs by 2023 and beyond.

Our principles

  • People-centred: A holistic, people-centred approach that prioritizes those left furthest behind and respects the voices of people affected by or at-risk of various diseases, in line with the principles of human rights and gender responsiveness.
  • Multi-sectoral: Activities that amplify multi-sectoral and social accountability efforts, in particular, those led by communities affected by and at-risk of the various diseases.
  • Participatory: An initiative that promotes social participation in policymaking to ensure people-centred policy and action.

Our deliverables

The members of the Coalition of Partnerships for UHC and Global Health closely align all advocacy and accountability efforts with the following comprehensive and ambitious commitments made during the 2019 UN HLM:

  1. Build a foundation for multi-sectoral action and political leadership beyond health.
  2. Optimize budgetary allocations, broaden the fiscal space and prioritize health in public spending.
  3. Increase global awareness, international solidarity, international cooperation and action.

About the Coalition Principal Group

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