UHC2030 has developed this Data Portal to provide access to the evidence used to track the state of commitment to universal health coverage (UHC). The State of UHC Commitment brings a unique multi-stakeholder view to a simple question: Are countries acting on their commitments to UHC?

The State of UHC Commitment Synthesis is a political, country-focused and action-oriented report that complements the more technical and global UHC monitoring report focusing on UHC indicators on service coverage and financial protection. Currently, two reports are available to summarize key findings from the state of commitment review in 2020 and 2021.


Country stories are available on the UHC2030 blog space which feature the experience of individuals with UHC and show what UHC means to people and communities.

UHC Stories

The Partner Data Portal is a global repository of selected health data sets and data visualizations from official SDG statistics, UHC2030-related initiatives and the Coalition of Partnerships for UHC and Global Health.

Partner Data Portal


Country Profile Dashboard

The State of UHC Commitment Country Profile Dashboard provides a snapshot of the state of commitment for individual countries and facilitates cross-country comparisons. The dashboard integrates quantitative and qualitative data from policy document reviews, government and non-government surveys, global indicator repositories, media sources, and country consultations. See the tutorial for the UHC Data Portal and the Country Profile Dashboard here:


Additional resources for the Country Profile Dashboard include:

User guide

This step-by-step guide provides an overview of how to use the State of UHC commitment's country profile dashboard to monitor the UHC commitments made in each country. 

Analytical Framework

The Analytical framework provides more details about the methodology and research protocol used for the State of UHC Commitment review. 

Download Raw Dataset

From the Download raw dataset, you can download all data used in the country profile dashboard.


Explore our Country Profile Dashboard: