UHC2030 is the global movement to build stronger health systems for universal health coverage (UHC). Ahead of the UN High-level Meeting (HLM) on UHC 2023, UHC2030 played the following roles in close collaboration with its diverse partners:

  1. Providing updates on the status of UHC progress and commitments through the State of UHC Commitment review and country profiles through the UHC Data Portal.
  2. Coordinating a multi-stakeholder consultation process to prepare the Action Agenda from the UHC Movement before the multi-stakeholder convened by the President of the General Assembly.
  3. Supporting the preparation of UN HLM multi-stakeholder hearings and multi-stakeholder panels in 2023, including on areas of multi-sectoral action and synergies with other health-related HLMs (on tuberculosis and pandemic preparedness, prevention and response), the 2023 SDG Summit, SDG3 and other SDG processes.
  4. Mobilizing high-level UHC champions from the UHC Movement Political Advisory Panel, the UHC2030 Steering Committee, and other partners to support political advocacy for the UN HLM on UHC 2023.
  5. Mobilizing the Coalition of Partnerships for UHC and Global Health to advocate for a comprehensive and ambitious Political Declaration.
  6. Organizing events and campaigns, and providing information on UHC and the HLM, including ways for advocates, campaigners and other stakeholders to engage.

After the UN HLM on UHC 2023, UHC2030 continues to stimulate public and multi-stakeholder interest in the UHC agenda and advocate for urgent action through related events, including UHC Day on 12 December.