UHC Data Portal and the State of UHC Commitment’s Country Profile Dashboard

Welcome to a short introduction to the State of UHC Commitment’s country profile dashboard. This note provides step by step guidance on how to navigate through the UHC Data portal and resources available, including the country profile dashboard. The UHC Data Portal is a gateway with unique data and dashboards that showcase country commitment and progress on UHC and the dashboard is designed to help you understand and evaluate UHC progress. 

The country profile dashboard includes data on 139 countries, obtained from various sources including government and non-government sources as an attempt to show a balanced view of commitment and progress on UHC. As a starting point, please choose your country of interest and wait while the dashboard loads the country’s information. Once the dashboard is ready, scroll down and explore this interactive dashboard in more detail. 

  • Overview of progress on UHC commitment: you can learn about the progress on UHC commitments, as well as on the country’s UHC targets and milestones. 
  • Progress on global UHC indicators: you can learn about progress on UHC indicators, coverage of essential health services and financial protection as well as the country’s investment priority. 
  • Institutional efforts: you can learn about institutional efforts to achieve UHC across countries.  
  • Priorities within progress on UHC: you can learn about the country’s UHC priorities with details about prioritized health services and population groups. More detailed information about equity across population groups can also be found here. 
  • Public perception and social participation: you can look at public perception and social participation in UHC, including data about women’s participation and leadership. 
  • Stakeholder collaboration mapping: you can learn about who is working towards UHC in a certain country and how. 

Over time, the dashboards will be updated with more countries and new statistics to help country stakeholders assess the current state of UHC commitments and track progress. 

We hope you enjoy using the dashboards!