Parliamentarians have a big role to make universal health coverage a reality through the responsibilities they exercise in terms of legislation, budget allocation, oversight, representation and ratification of international agreements, especially in the context of persisting gaps in policy development, implementation, and results. They can be instrumental in ensuring that participatory decision-making becomes institutionalised. They can contribute to create and maintain meaningful and impactful engagement with diverse stakeholders.

In this regard, UHC2030 supports parliamentarians more systematically to translate Global UHC Commitments into tangible actions at the country level. For that, UHC2030 has designed a step-by-step Parliamentarian Guide to support parliamentarians in their effort to translate global commitments on UHC into concrete country actions through six steps: Lead, Protect, Legislate, Advocate, Invest and Collaborate. This guide includes ten modules focusing on parliamentarians’ roles and recommendations for strengthening health programmes to respond to various population needs and aims to achieving universal health coverage.

Download the Parliamentarian Guide here

Action steps for Parliamentarians to Achieve Universal Health Coverage

  • Step 1: “Lead”: Commit to achieving UHC for healthy lives and well-being for all at all stages, as a social contract.  (Country Case Study: Japan)
  • Step 2: “Protect”: Pursue equity in access to quality health services with financial protection. (Country Case Study: Thailand)
  • Step 3: “Legislate”: Create a strong, enabling regulatory and legal environment responsive to people’s needs. (Country Case Study: Mexico)
  • Step 4: “Advocate”: Build quality health systems that people and communities trust. (Country Case Study: Turkey)
  • Step 5: “Invest”: Sustain public financing and harmonize health investments. (Country Case Study: Rwanda)
  • Step 6: “Collaborate”: Establish multi-stakeholder mechanisms for engaging the whole of society for a healthier world. (Country Case Study: Zambia)

Download the Parliamentarian Guide here

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