Who can join the private sector group at UHC2030?

Is your private sector entity interested in joining UHC2030 and engaging with other health stakeholders to find new ways to work together to achieve the goal of UHC? Below, you can read about the necessary criteria for joining, and what you will get out of being in the partnership. 

Applicants for membership must be private sector entities that are directly working on health system strengthening and include for-profit or not-for-profit entities commonly organized under business or company regulations, relay on earned income for operations, and operate under shareholder governance arrangements. Associations representing the private sector and companies are also eligible.

Applicants are expected to:
  • Publicly commit to supporting the key UHC outcomes of access to quality health services for all with financial protection; and
  • Commit to engage in advocacy of, and promotion of the UHC2030 guiding principles of equity, quality, transparency and accountability.
  • Be willing to take part in open and honest dialogue about critical concerns and issues surrounding private sector engagement for health.
  • Ensure that their engagement adds value to public health and the UHC agenda.
  • Ensure that their reputation and activities do not compromise UHC2030’s objectivity, integrity, independence, and impartiality. 
  • Ensure that their participation in the UHC2030 Private Sector Constituency is not reflected as an endorsement of their views, or opinions and activities or grants any privilege or competitive advantage.
  • Ensure that they are not involved in any way with arms or tobacco industries, do not engage with the tobacco industry nor with non-State actors that work to further the interests of the tobacco industry and do not engage with the arms industry. (2) 

(2) In accordance with paragraphs 44 and 45 of the WHO Framework of engagement with non-State actors.

In addition, Core Action Group members must:

An overview of the information and documents to be provided by applicants to the constituency can be found here: Application Form Overview