The final asks was endorsed by the Steering Committee of UHC2030 and submitted to the co-facilitators of the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC in March 2019. UHC2030 Partners are currently promoting UHC Key Asks in the formal preparation process. 

Key Milestones


12 December <a href="">Global health and foreign policy: addressing the health of the most vulnerable for an inclusive society</a>
13 December: <a href="">Scope, modalities, format and organization of the high-level meeting on universal health coverage</a>


24 Jan-1 February <a href="">WHO Executive Board Meeting</a>
21-22 February <a href="">Annual Parliamentary Hearing at the UN</a>
5-11 April <a href="">140th IPU Assembly, Doha, Qatar</a>
12-14 April <a href="">IMF/World Bank Spring Meeting</a>
15-18 April <a href="">Financing for Development Forum&nbsp;</a>
21-23 April <a href=""> Civil 20 Japan 2019</a>
29 April <a href="">UN HLM UHC Multi-Stakeholder Hearing</a>
6 May <a href=""> UHC2030/Graduate Institute Event on Key Asks</a>
9 May Informal Briefing to Permanent Missions in Geneva
20-28 May <a href="">World Health Assembly</a>
21 May <a href="">Intergovernmental Process (1)</a>
28 May Intergovernmental Process (2)
7 June Intergovernmental Process (3)
8-9 June F20 Meeting
13 June Intergovernmental Process (4)
18 June Intergovernmental Process (5)
28 June Intergovernmental Process (6)
28-29 June <a href="">G20 Summit</a>
3 July Intergovernmental Process (7)
9-15 July <a href="">High-level Political Forum</a>
25-27 August <a href="">G7 Summit</a>
23 September <a href="">High Level Meeting on UHC</a>
24-25 September SDG Summit
26 September Financing for Development Summit
27 September SAMOWA Pathway
13-17 October <a href="">141st IPU Assembly, Belgrade, Serbia</a>

Past related meeting and event videos