Art for UHC Movement

Where is it?

The Art exhibition was displayed during several events:

Sunday 22 September

Living art during Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge
Venue: Central Park, starting at 102nd Street Transverse
From 7:00 to 10:45 

Here find Artist story NYC artists to bring art to life at Walk the Talk New York event 

Monday 23 September

Six Key Asks portrays under art expression during
UHC2030 Reception: Toast to the UHC Movement
Venue: Millennium Hilton Hotel, New York
From 20:30 to 22:00

Thursday 26 September

Six Key Asks portrays under art expression during
1,460 Days Left: Countdown to 2023 – towards the mid-point of SDGs
Venue: Delegates Dining Room, UNHQ
From 8:00 to 10:00

What is it ?

This art exhibition portrays the six Key Asks from the UHC Movement which demand that “Everyone, Everywhere should have access to quality and affordable health services. We call on Political Leaders to legislate, invest and collaborate with all of society to make UHC a reality”.

Themes from Six Key asks:

  • Political Leadership Beyond Health
  • Leave No One Behind
  • Regulate & Legislate
  • Uphold Quality of Care
  • Invest More, Invest Better
  • Move Together

This UHC2030 multi-partner art exhibition was co-organized by the United Nations the World Health Organization, and The World Bank. The exhibition is a co-creation of artists among different countries from France, Kenya and USA (New York city) and brings creativity, enthusiasm, dialogue and reflections on UHC. Through this exhibition, the artists have explored a range of values on UHC held by various partners from around the world. Their work intends to nourish the human and its humanity. It is a CALL TO ACT FOR HEALTH TOGETHER.

Artistic expression can inspire deep reflection and action because art has the power to apply concepts to our own reality. This Art exhibition aims to mobilize the general public to join the UHC movement and through collective actions like signing a WHO petition on UHC, participating in Walk the Talk on Health For All and #UHC4me Global Video Campaign. We acknowledge that all our UHC2030 partners have contributed to the exhibition through the sharing of their stories on UHC.

The art exhibition portrays the six Keys Asks from the UHC movement with 4 art elements for each Key Ask:

- painting 
- poetry
- photography
- stories

What is the result?

NYC artists to bring art to life at Walk the Talk New York event

Four New York City artists are practicing their craft to build a healthier world. Their work, have been developed and displayed in Central Park on 22 September during the Walk the Talk: The Health for All Challenge, and have served to promote the importance of universal health coverage (UHC). It was an opportunity for the public to interact directly with the artists and to share their inspiration of the day and testimony.

Organized by the UHC 2030 Art for Health/UHC Movement, Adina Yoon, Brianna McCord, Kristin “Anjl NYC” Doeblin and Shanice Figeroux Pink have co-created artwork at the event, The exhibition portrays “Six Key Asks” calling on political leaders to take action, with communities, to make UHC a reality.

“I believe that healthcare is a basic and fundamental human right in the 21st century,” said Adina Yoon, whose art focuses on shedding light on contemporary social issues. “We need healthy and health-covered citizens to make our world a better place for the present and for our future.”
Kristin said art offers the world a medium to communicate the importance of people having access to health care.

“The Health for All Challenge is a movement that improves our community in ways we probably haven’t even thought of yet,” said Kristin. “By using art we can engage people to create the future health support that we need and deserve.”
Shanice, who has had two kidney transplants, has first-hand experience of the benefits of having access to needed health services.

“Being on dialysis for the last 11 years, I've come to realize how important physical and mental well-being is for people during any medical treatment,” Shanice said. “Comfort improves coping.”
Brianna, who has been affected by food allergies, has placed health at the centre of her art work. “Every human should have access to health care like everyone should have access to pure air and water,” she said. 

Feedback of the artists after the co-creation of big canvas painting

"I felt like through this experience it was a great opportunity to work with artists that deal with different styles and mediums and that challenge was such a great growth opportunity for me. Not only does creating art collaboratively open different perspectives and important dialogues, I also feel that art activism helps engage the public in a meaningful, visual way. This visual connection is so important because our society relies increasingly on visual technology and visual connection to communicate and relate. I feel that while creating this art centered on environmental protection and health consciousness, it was fun and rewarding to engage and talk with the public about the art and our mission. I feel that this public art demonstration inspired individuals to connect with their community more and encourage them to keep working for the betterment of themselves, their community, and society in general". Adina said

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