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All countries can face critical pressures on their health systems but some issues are particularly salient for low- and middle-income countries that are currently or will soon be ‘transitioning’ toward much lower levels of external funding

Making progress towards achieving UHC has never been more urgent. The COVID-19 pandemic has

reinforced the conclusion that countries must invest in resilient and equitable health systems based on

primary health care to achieve both UHC and health security

This fourth UHC2030 Core Team report describes the implementation of

the milestones and deliverables for work undertaken in 2020, highlighting

what has been achieved. The COVID-19 pandemic has massively changed

the context.

The unique UHC2030 multi-stakeholder platform can play a key role in promoting strong health

systems for UHC and health security in a resilient COVID-19 recovery.

To develop a ser of key asks for the UN HLM, UHC2030 conducted three-month consultations with all sectors of the UHC movement - parliamentarians, civil society, the private sector, agencies, networks and academia.

State of UHC commitment: synthesis 2021

The State of commitment to universal health coverage brings a unique multi-stakeholder view to a simple question: Are countries acting on their commitments to UHC?

UHC2030 Global Compact

All signatories to UHC2030’s Global Compact for progress towards universal health coverage commit to work together with renewed urgency to accelerate progress towards UHC, through building and expanding equitable, resilient and sustainable health systems.

Time to get our act together on UHC and health emergencies

UHC2030 will launch a discussion paper to consolidate our vision for resilient health systems, and priority actions for both emergency preparedness and UHC goals. With this, we aim to bring partners together around common messages on public health actions

Healthy systems for universal coverage: Joint vision for healthy lives

A key document for UHC2030, and a broader resource for the global community to inform collaboration on the health systems strengthening (HSS) and universal health coverage (UHC) agenda.