18 October 2019

Are you a civil society organisation wanting to mark UHC Day 2019? Find out more about this funding opportunity.

UHC Day 2019 Micro-Grant Online Application

The UHC Day Coordination Group, powered by UHC2030, is able to offer a limited number of micro-grants to support civil society-led campaigns for 12 December, International Universal Health Coverage Day. To apply for a UHC Day micro-grant, please complete this application form before 11:59pm ET on Thursday, 31 October 2019.

Every year on 12/12, UHC advocates have mobilized thousands of people to celebrate the UHC movement and drive action at the local and national levels. Since 2017, 12 December has been officially recognized as UHC Day by the United Nations. Last year, partners hosted a record 180+ events in 60+ countries, from public rallies and creative storytelling campaigns to political debates and community health assemblies. We cannot stress enough how impactful these efforts have been, and how critical your engagement will continue to be this year.

In the weeks since September’s UN High-Level Meeting on UHC - where countries endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history - the question on everyone’s mind has been what happens next. The answer is simple: keep holding our leaders, our health systems and ourselves accountable.

UHC Day is the perfect opportunity to do just that. We hope that CSOs will consider applying for a micro-grant and share this opportunity with wider networks. If you have any questions after reviewing the application and Frequently Asked Questions, please direct them to campaign@uhcday.org, which will be the point- of-contact for all things grant-related this year.

Ultimately, it’s thanks to committed grassroots advocacy that UHC was just endorsed at the highest levels of the United Nations; and it is that same urgency and local resolve that will make sure leaders keep their word.

Coming soon: UHC DAY holding page

Important Notice:

New funding eligibility criteria in 2019 

For the first time this year, being a member of the UHC2030 Civil Society Engagement Mechanism (CSEM) before the application deadline on 31 October is a minimum requirement to be eligible for a UHC Day micro-grant.

Suggested approach to prepare a strong campaign application this year:

STEP 1: Ensure you are informed of the latest developments in the UHC movement:

  • Use the UHC Advocacy Guide/Online Training to learn about the UHC approach, identifying target audiences, and preparing strategic advocacy messages.
  • Refer to the UHC Key Asks and action agenda to learn about suggested primary and secondary topics of UHC Day 2019.
  • Review last year’s UHC Day 2018 Campaigns to get inspiration for your campaign plan this year. 

STEP 2: Apply for CSEM membership in advance of completing your grant application if your organization is not yet a member.

STEP 3: Identify relevant partners to submit a joint application from your country. 

  • Joint application is highly recommended to increase number of campaign countries. 
  • For applications from high-income countries, active involvement of youth group is mandatory to be considered.
  • Small numbers of micro-grant would be available for producing digital art/audio-visual elements for UHC advocacy, which are sharable across all the campaigners this December.


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