UHC2030 aims to build political momentum around a joint vision of health systems strengthening for UHC and advocate for sufficient, appropriate and well-coordinated resource allocation to health systems. 

Our advocacy focuses on affecting policy at country, regional and global levels. This means engaging with all our partners and stakeholders, including related initiatives and networks. Across the breadth of the partnership at country and global levels, we hope to grow the UHC movement and employ a variety of tactics including lobbying, popular mobilisation and media education.

While the domestic resource mobilisation is key to achieve UHC, advocacy efforts of the partnership in effective development cooperation (EDC) remain important. This should be within a broader advocacy agenda for the equitable and sustainable strengthening of health systems and progress towards UHC. 

UHC2030 Framework for Advocates

As a multi-stakeholder partnership, UHC2030 can add value by convening partners to strengthen common messaging, and coordinate strategies and activities to affect positive change for accelerated and equitable progress towards UHC. It can help to bring together more technical and political partners, bridge advocacy efforts between the country and global levels, and leverage planned processes and events as appropriate. 

Our advocacy strategy, guide and social media are available here: 

Accelerating Political Momentum for Universal Health Coverage:UHC2030 Framework for Advocates

Universal Health Coverage Advocacy Guide (March 2018)

Universal Health Coverage Advocacy Milestones Calendar