1 July 2021

UHC2030 multi-stakeholder review of UHC commitments

In September 2019, world leaders agreed that everyone in every country should be able to receive all the good quality health care that they need without suffering financial hardship. This is known as universal health coverage (UHC). Since this declaration, an international group of organisations has been keeping track of each country’s progress towards this goal, including in your country. Keeping track of progress can help us hold governments accountable for achieving UHC.

As part of this monitoring, we want to tell the stories of people in your country. We think that telling people’s stories will help governments and people around the world understand what UHC can mean to people. We are asking you to submit a story because we believe you have a story to tell about a positive and/or negative experience with accessing health care, with the quality of the care you got, or with paying for your care.

If you agree to tell your story, you will be asked to send three photographs about your experience with health care and explain what the photographs mean to you. We have included instructions on how to tell your story below.

When your story is finished, you can submit it by following this link.

You can send us your story any time before 31 October 2021.

You do not have to share your story if you don’t want to. If you agree to share your story now, you can change your mind later. You do not need to submit a photo of yourself or include your name or any other identifying information. It is up to you to choose what information you want to share about yourself.

If you agree to send us your story, it may be used in a profile of your country’s progress towards UHC or in a report on UHC progress globally. The profiles will be made available on our website. You can see the state of each country's commitment to UHC here.

How do I create my story?

Click here for instructions.

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