State of commitment to universal health coverage around the world

The State of commitment to universal health coverage provides a multi-stakeholder consolidated view on the state of progress being made towards UHC at country and global levels.

The review is political, country-focused and action-oriented in nature and complements the more technical and global UHC monitoring report focusing on UHC indicators on service coverage and financial protection.

The State of UHC Commitment  follows the UHC Political Declaration’s Key Targets, Commitments and Follow-up Actions and support national accountability and advocacy processes to ensure political leaders are held accountable for their UHC commitments.

We hope that those who use the report go beyond health experts and governments, and include civil society organisations, academia, parliamentarians, private sector and media, who can use this information to contribute to the formal accountability processes in their countries.

Download: State of commitment to universal health coverage

The state of commitment in 2021

The 2021 review will be published on this page on UHC Day, 12.12.21.

It is based on 45 updated country profiles, which may be accessed through the UHC data portal. The synthesis draws on many sources, from online surveys and policy reviews to media monitoring and consultations with non-state actors. It provides an overview of key findings in 45 countries, consolidates diverse perspectives and summarizes progress, gaps, challenges and opportunities in achieving the commitments and actions for UHC.

Country profiles

The online country profiles are available on the UHC Data Portal and provide a snap-shot of the state of UHC commitments in individual countries, centred around the key commitment areas of the UHC political declaration. In 2020, COVID-19 related information is also included to reflect the current global context.

2020 Synthesis report

The 2020 synthesis report summarises the state of UHC commitment at both the country and global level. In 2020, the report focuses on how the world has coped to date with the extraordinary challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It shares short stories from people’s lived experiences, demonstrating the reality of UHC on the ground.

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