18 May 2020

UHC2030 launches new universal health coverage (UHC) Data Portal to support use of data to hold governments accountable for their actions.

Launch of UHC Data Portal

Effective use of data to track progress on UHC is crucial to measure what is happening around the world, and to hold governments accountable for their actions. The UHC Data Portal provides a single interface to anyone wishing to access selected UHC and health system data sets and data visualizations from Sustainable Development Goal statistics and UHC2030 partners. Some of the databases and portals also contain policy documents.

In September 2019, at the United Nations High-Level Meeting (UN HLM) “Universal Health Coverage: Moving Together to Build a Healthier World”, world leaders endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history.

The COVID-19 Pandemic is a sharp reminder that everyone everywhere should have access to quality and affordable health services. The COVID-19 crisis is a clear example for the public that health is a fundamental human right and the foundation of economic prosperity and security. More than ever resilient and robust health systems are vital for both universal health coverage (UHC) and health crisis management, which are ‘two sides of the same coin’. In recovery from the crisis, we must bear in mind this COVID-19 experience and encourage world leaders to remember their UHC commitments.

Monitoring progress on UHC and holding governments accountable to take the necessary actions require both quantitative and qualitative data. While most quantitative data are being collected by national institutions, some data might not be readily collected when it comes to political dimensions of rights, governance and equity.

UHC2030 has initiated a project on the ‘State of UHC Commitment’ to provide country stakeholders with the necessary additional information to feed into inclusive and participatory review processes for assessing UHC progress and commitments over time.

Currently, the latest UHC and Health System related data collected by UHC2030 country and agency partners are available on the portal. More qualitative data and advanced portal functions will be available once the ‘State of UHC Commitment’ is launched in late 2020.

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