Guidance for the Monitoring, Evaluation and Review of National Health Strategies is aimed at countries and development partners. This document outlines the key features of a sound country-led platform for monitoring, evaluation and review of health sector progress and performance, to inform country health sector reviews and planning processes. It also shows how development partners can contribute to strengthening such a platform.  Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) experts from countries and development agencies developed the document within the context of IHP+. It can be used in conjunction with JANS.

Download: Monitoring, evaluation and review of national health strategies

Key features of a well-functioning M&E platform are:

  • A strong and harmonised M&E plan and associated review processes for the national health strategy, covering the whole health system including all major disease programmes.
  • Regular high quality progress and performance reviews, including evaluation.
  • Institutional capacity strengthening in countries to support regular M&E of the national health strategy.
  • Country health ‘observatories’ in which data from all relevant sources are publicly accessible and synthesised to monitor the country health progress and performance.
  • Harmonisation and alignment of global partners with the M&E platform.

Health Data Collaborative

The Health Data Collaborative was launched in March 2016 to address the challenge of disparate funding and fragmented sources of health data, which contributes to the current inadequacy of data for reliable and timely decision-making. It now undertakes work on improving and aligning with country information and accountability systems. 

The HDC is a joint effort by countries, development partners, civil society and academia to support country-led improvements to information and accountability systems, including the quality of health data, in order to improve performance of the health sector at all levels. This is particularly relevant for managing results and to track progress towards the health-related Sustainable Development Goals, including the underpinning target of UHC. It is about improving collective action to maximise the impact of domestic and external investments in country health information systems.