Country discussion of results

As part of the fifth round of IHP+ Results monitoring of effective development cooperation in health, Pakistan held a multi-stakeholder meeeting on 2 November 2016 to present key findings and discuss results. The perspectives of government, development partners, civil society and the private sector all informed the discussion and efforts to identify next steps to take action.

Representatives from IHP+, the Ministry of Heath, GIZ, World Bank, WHO, JICA, KFW, USAID, UNICEF, UNAIDS and UNFPA attended the meeting. Participants highlighted this was the first time for Pakistan to participate in IHP+ monitoring; and people agreed that this country-based approach demonstrated the need to improve routine monitoring of health sector cooperation.

Representatives also discussed how the results did not include three of four Provincial Ministries of Health, and therefore could be considered partial because the main volume of international health sector cooperation occurs at provincial level. Effective engagement of civil society was discussed and it was clear that people had differing views on what it meant. The absence of an institutional mechanisms to coordinate the roles of the private sector and of civil society was also highlighted. Mutual accountability was a key topic, and participants discussed the challenges they face in this area. 

The group decided on several routes of action in the short and long term.



Alignment of support against the Health Sector Strategy

100% of participating DPs confirm they align their support with the national (or sub-national /sector) Health Sector Strategy.

Was the national health sector plan jointly assessed?

Stakeholders that supported the joint assessment

Health is devolved to provinces with provincial health sector plans. These plans have never been jointly assessed though sub-programme areas especially the ones funded by external aid.

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Predictability of funds for the future

Rolling 3 year budget or Mid-Term Expenditure Framework in place:

57% of participating DPs have communicated their planned resources for the next 3 years to the MoH.

Both the Federal Gov and Punjab Gov had a 100% disbursement of funds.

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