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Action Agenda from the UHC Movement

… 2019 Political Declaration commitment areas, the Action Agenda is based on the latest data, the new global…

Multisectoral action technical working group

Action by different thematic sectors beyond the health sector - such as education, infrastructure, agriculture,…

Action on health systems, for universal health coverage and health security

…UHC2030’s strategic narrative to guide advocacy and action on strengthening health systems.

UN HLM 2023 Our Contribution

… consultation process to prepare the Action Agenda from the UHC Movement before the…

UN High-Level Meeting on Universal Health Coverage 2023

… Taking action for universal health coverage  The UN High-Level Meeting on UHC 2023 About the UN High-Level…



… for all is possible

The Action Agenda from the UHC Movement …

Private sector engagement

… to set the health systems strengthening global agenda.

About the 2023 High-level Meeting on UHC

… of the UHC HLM Plenary session recording Action Agenda from the UHC Movement Advocacy tools to…

Health systems for universal health coverage: a joint vision for healthy lives

… to inform collaboration on the HSS and UHC agenda

Elevating voices

Elevating voices

… other areas of work Useful resources Action Agenda from the UHC Movement State of UHC…