07 April

This year on World Health Day - 7 April 2019 - the World Health Organization (WHO) is focusing on universal health coverage (UHC). 

World Health Day 2019 on UHC

UHC is WHO’s number one goal. Progress is being made towards UHC in all regions of the world, but the reality is that millions of people still have no access to basic health services. Millions more are forced to choose between health care and other daily costs such as food, clothing or even a home. 

WHO is leading this year’s campaign on World Health Day, and UHC2030 asks all its partners, constituencies and Related Initiatives to get involved.  Find out more below. 

  • Watching and sharing the brand new World Health Day video! You can share the Facebook post here. Or share directly from YouTube here.
  • After watching the video sign the Health for All petition.
  • Visit the World Health Day webpage to find out more about this year’s products and messages.
  • Join the worldwide Solidarity Chain for Health for All (see below). If you are in Geneva register for the 5 April event here. Wherever you are in the world, you can hold your own Solidarity Chain (small or large) and share your photos and videos on social media using the hashtag #HealthForAll
  • Follow our WHO social media channels (FacebookTwitterLinkedInInstagram) and share or repost materials as they are shared.

Solidarity Chain


This year’s World Health Day activity will focus on equity and solidarity. To represent these values WHO and partners will be creating a bold visual statement. Solidarity Chains will be formed around the world, with WHO staff hand-in-hand with partners, patients, policy-makers, health workers and donors. Joining hands around the world will be a symbol of our commitment to bridging gaps and working collaboratively towards universal health coverage.


We have told the world what is possible when universal health coverage is achieved, and now it is time to accelerate our efforts to achieve it in a coordinated and collaborative way. The Solidarity Chain represents the idea that by coming together to push universal health coverage forward, actors all over the world, from health workers and policy-makers to non-governmental organizations and patients, can join forces to make health for all a reality.


Get creative! The Solidarity Chain is a symbol for unity, equity and collective action on universal health coverage. That could mean different things in different contexts, and we want the world to see what it means to you. So, show us your unique spin on the Solidarity Chain.


Make your Chain in a place which is convenient for your participants. Your Chain could go into, through or around health facilities, schools or offices. It could link together your Office with the Ministry of Health, ring an important monument or significant building, or make a shape.

If you are located in Geneva, Solidarity Chain will take place at noon. Participants will then walk down to Place des Nations to listen to speakers and musical entertainment. A light lunch will be provided at Place des Nations from 13h00 for those who took part in the Chain. Link to find more information.


UHC2030 encourage all partners and constituencies including civil society organizations and the private sector to create their own event. We want to show that we are all in this together and that we are committed to working with all stakeholders to make universal health coverage a reality.


You can hold your event in the lead up to, or on World Health Day (7 April 2019). Find a time when you are likely to get the most participants and will be able to film or photograph the event easily.

What next?

Take lots of photos and videos of your events and send them through to WHO (haughtonp@who.intbruniera@who.int). It will share some of these on its web and social media platforms. A video will be produced after World Health Day, showing Chains that were organized around the world. If you would like your footage to be a part of this video, there are a few specifications to follow:

1. Videos will need to be in landscape/ horizontal framing.

2. Mp4 and quicktime (.mov) formats would be best at the highest resolution possible.

3. At least one face-on shot of your Solidarity Chain, showing the participants head-to-toe, panning from left to right.

4. Shots showing the size or shape of the Solidarity Chain, people getting into formation (time-lapse for example) and people from different backgrounds and organizations talking and cooperating, would all be appreciated.

5. Photos and videos will need to be provided to the above email addresses no later than 10 April (CET) at the latest.

Get social! 

WHO will be sharing videos on WHO’s corporate social media to show how far the Solidarity Chain has travelled around the world. At the end of the videos, and through other posts and tweets, WHO will be reaching out and inviting the public and other stakeholders online to join the chain. You can say what your link in the chain is, and how you will help to make universal health coverage a reality. WHO encourages you to share WHO’s corporate videos and messages, make your own videos and extend invitations to your contacts to join the chain. Make sure you include the hashtag #HealthForAll. Also, remember to share UHC2030 videos and social media cards from our toolkit. See below. 

Register here to participate to solidarity chain.

Useful resources to support your advocacy for UHC  

WHO World Health Day communication materials

UHC2030 Advocacy Guide 

UHC2030 social media toolkit

UHC2030 E-learning course on advocacy for UHC

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