24 April 2018

Are you interested in supporting global advocacy for UHC?

UHC2030 launches UHC Advocacy Guide

This Advocacy Guide is a resource to help a wide range of universal health coverage advocates – spanning government, parliamentarians, academia, civil society, the private sector and more – to conceptualise and execute successful advocacy strategies that advance UHC at community, regional, national and global levels.

The guide provides an overview of what universal health coverage is, why it matters and how you can mobilise bottom-up change at the grassroots and community level to influence national level policies and make meaningful health system reforms, ensuring that no one is left behind.

It aims to share specific tools to help you call on policy and decision makers to focus on improving any and all of the three pillars of Healthy systems for universal health coverage - a joint vision for healthy lives (joint vision): service delivery, health financing and governance. The intersection of these three pillars aims to create an environment in which UHC is a measurable and achievable goal – something we can all get behind. 

While this guide includes a menu of cross-cutting resources, it does not – and cannot – capture all the potential ways to advocate for UHC. This is because the most successful advocacy strategies and materials are heavily tailored to reach a specific audience. As such, we encourage you to use this guide as a springboard to develop content and tactics that will resonate with your own communities so that you can more effectively call for universal health coverage.

At the end of the guide, you can also find a social media toolkit with messages about UHC and its core action areas of service delivery, financing and governance. 

Read more about the UHC2030 Framework for Advocates

As a multi-stakeholder partnership, UHC2030 can add value by convening partners to strengthen common messaging, and coordinate strategies and activities to affect positive change for accelerated and equitable progress towards UHC. It can help to bring together more technical and political partners, bridge advocacy efforts between the country and global levels, and leverage planned processes and events as appropriate. 

Accelerating Political Momentum for Universal Health Coverage:UHC2030 Framework for Advocates

Advocacy guide and social media toolkit

Our advocacy guide and social media are available here: 

Universal Health Coverage Advocacy Guide (March 2018)

Universal Health Coverage Advocacy Milestones Calendar

Social media toolkit - please use this to support the movement for UHC!

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