10 April 2019

Engaging the private sector to help achieve UHC - what's happening?

News from the UHC2030 Private Sector Constituency

Private sector engagement: what does UHC2030 do?

UHC2030 is kicking off work on private sector engagement in close collaboration with WHO, the World Bank and the World Economic Forum (WEF). We envisage two major contributions this year: 

  1. A global multi-stakeholder statement of how the private sector can contribute to UHC to be launched at the UN High-level Meeting on UHC on 23 September 2019
  2. Multi-stakeholder dialogues in 2-3 countries to identify the potential role of the private sector to fill gaps and improve primary health care 

Private sector event at the World Health Assembly 

On 21 May 2019, UHC2030 together with the WEF and WHO is hosting an event on the edge of the World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland called 'Profiting from profit: aligning private sector interests with UHC goals'.

The event will focus on bringing together the multi-stakeholder views on how the private sector can contribute to UHC, and discuss the way forward for engagement. The event will begin the process of producing a multi-stakeholder statement on private sector engagement for UHC that will be presented at the UNGA HLM. If you are interested in attending, please confirm your attendance here

Read about our previous private sector events here: 

Meeting at the World Economic Forum, Davos 

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UHC2030 Private Sector Constituency: what’s it all about?

This constituency is the convening platform for private sector entities that wish to exchange on and collaborate to achieve UHC. The constituency fosters dialogue, convenes and collaborates with private sector actors and provides a platform for interaction between the private sector and all UHC2030’s partners and health systems networks. The constituency also provides an opportunity for the private sector to contribute to the preparation  for the United Nations General Assembly High-level meeting on UHC to be held on 23 September 2019.

If you are a private sector entity wishing to find out more about UHC2030’s private sector constituency, achieving UHC or the UN high-level meeting on UHC, please contact Sofiat Akinola from the World Economic Forum Sofiat.Akinola@weforum.org

How to join?

To ensure that the private sector is represented and engaged in multi-stakeholder efforts to achieve UHC, UHC2030 invites entities – both global and country level - to join our UHC2030 Private Sector Constituency. The constituency currently comprises 13 entities and 9 other entities are about to join. 

Next round for Applications to join the private sector constituency is open (deadline 10 May), and we welcome interest from a wide range of private sector organizations directly involved in providing health services or goods, including digital technology, finance, health care providers, medical technologies, pharmaceuticals and commodities.

If your private sector entity is interested you can find out more here and apply to join the constituency.

Photo: Evidence Action, courtesty of Photoshare

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