19 May 2017

Connect with others about health financing and social health protection

New P4H Network web platform

It is the first global digital network on health financing and social health protection, and offers a unique pathway to knowledge, multi-dimensional collaboration and a marketplace to connect with others in the global health community.

The platform enables users to:

  • Share real time insights at global and local levels
  • Have interactive access to knowledge including case studies, good practice and communities of practice
  • Get involved in country and regional activities
  • Access topical information such as news and events
  • Use a variety of online tools designed for interactive experience.

In addition, the web platform is designed to foster quality work standards and process, improving project and activity management. 

The new P4H Network web portal is designed to empower members and stakeholders to access, diffuse, and share knowledge and promises to “change your experience both as a web user and a stakeholder.” 

UHC2030 welcomes P4H's effort to contribute to the global movement for strengthening health systems for UHC. 

“P4H is proud to support the UHC2030 movement and to increase integration within the UHC2030 family, alongside other global networks committed to health development and performance. This is a contribution in the spirit of full collaboration that underpins our teams working across UHC2030 networks. We thrive through mutual support, catalytic and synergetic work,” said Mr Claude Meyer, P4H Network Co-ordinator.

“P4H has created a platform that will prove instrumental to other global networks committed to helping health leaders progress towards UHC. The commitment of the P4H Network to innovative methods of knowledge dissemination will spawn ideas beyond the health financing and social health protection fields,” he added. 

Watch out for the new platform. Meanwhile, check out the new P4H video here. 

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