12 November 2020

Find out what's new on the UHC Data Portal and use it to strengthen accountability.

Major Upgrade of the UHC Data Portal

UHC2030 is upgrading its UHC Data Portal with a brand-new tool: the Country Profile Dashboard. This tool has been developed as part of the State of UHC Commitment with the aim of making it easier to access and use data to hold governments accountable for their actions.

In 2019, world leaders endorsed the most ambitious and comprehensive political declaration on health in history. UHC2030 has initiated a project on the State of UHC Commitment to curate diverse views of a range of stakeholders on the current situation and commitments to make progress towards UHC by 2030. The Country Profile Dashboard has been developed as one of the products of this new flagship project of UHC2030. 

Monitoring progress on UHC and holding governments accountable to take the necessary actions may require data on political dimensions around rights, governance and equity that are not readily collected by national institutions. It also involves going beyond the face value of policy documents that document what ought to be happening by providing empirical assessments of the experiences of people, especially the vulnerable, in accessing health services. 

Individual country profiles aim to provide country stakeholders with the necessary information to feed into inclusive and participatory review processes for assessing UHC progress and action on commitments over time. The country profiles (released on 12 November 2020) seek to provide the basis for UHC advocates to prepare their campaigns in the lead up to the celebration of the UHC Day on 12 December. The country profiles will also provide valuable information to prepare reporting into the regular country preparatory processes of the Regional Summits and the High-Level Political Forum on Sustainable Developments (e.g. Voluntary National Review).  

The State of UHC Commitment’s Dashboard provides a snapshot of both the state of individual country UHC commitments and an overview of global progress to facilitate cross-country comparisons. The dashboard (version 1) draws on data available from 2015 to the present, aiming to set a baseline of UHC commitments in all 193 UN member states. It comprises a mix of quantitative and qualitative data around the key commitment areas of the UHC Political Declaration. In future years, the country profiles will be updated to help country stakeholders to assess the latest status of UHC commitments and track progress in their translation into action. 

Stay tuned! We will also publish a synthesis of key political messages and findings from the multistakeholder review on 2 December 2020 

Meanwhile, please visit our UHC Data Portal to find out more about the new dashboard and its background data. 

Photo: @WHO / Blink Media – Saiyna Bashir

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