10 January 2017

Events sponsored by UHC2030

Around the world on UHC Day 2016

To celebrate Universal Health Coverage (UHC) Day 2016, organizations and partners hosted more than 90 events in 33 countries. Eleven of these events were made possible thanks to support from UHC2030. Here are some highlights. 


The Centre for Excellence for UHC at the James P Grant School of Public Health (BRAC University) marked UHC Day 2016 by holding a multi-stakeholder discussion, a public rally, a media awareness campaign and a social media campaign. The Centre focused on advancing discussions around three dimensions of UHC: population (who is covered), services (which services are included) and finances (what proportion of costs are covered).


Journalists Association Against AIDS (JournAIDS), a Malawian NGO marked UHC Day by hosting a roundtable discussion with key stakeholders to discuss ways to advance health reforms in Malawi. In attendance were representatives from the media, the private sector, civil society and other health networks.


The Nepal Health Economics Association (NHEA) organized a high-level workshop focusing on Nepal’s social health insurance scheme, which aims to provide Nepalese citizens with basic health services free at the point of service. The workshop was attended by parliamentarians, senior government officials, academics and media and was themed ‘Pathways of UHC for Nepal’.  They discussed health care financing, the use of data to measure health goals and the promotion of gender equity through the universal health coverage agenda.

Please read here the full report of all 11 events, sponsored by UHC2030. 

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