13 August - 03 September 2020

Do you have questions about the UHC Survey and the State of UHC Commitment multi-stakeholder review? Join us in a series of webinars to get all the information you need.

On 13 July 2020, UHC2030 launched a multi-stakeholder process to gather data and stories for the State of UHC Commitment including the UHC Survey 2020.

This webinar series, co-organised by UHC2030, CSEM and Chatham House is aimed at CSOs, private sector and other non-governmental stakeholders working on UHC. The webinars will take place across three different time zones (Europe/Africa/East Coast America, Asia-Pacific and West-Coast America/Pacific) and in three different languages; French, Spanish and English. Each will last for one hour.

A presentation on ‘The State of UHC Commitment’ and the accompanying survey will be held, followed by an interactive discussion on UHC progress and challenges. This will be an opportunity for participants to understand, discuss and reflect on the survey questions in order to facilitate the process of providing their response.

UHC Survey

The State of UHC Commitment