28 June - 30 June 2021

Join us in reminding world leaders and activists that we cannot achieve gender equality without prioritizing UHC and investing in health systems for all.

In the lead up to the Generation Equality Forum, The Alliance for Gender Equality and UHC (co-convened by Women in Global Health,Women DeliverSpectra Rwanda and Sama India), the Partnership for Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and UHC2030 with its Civil Society Engagement Mechanism are launching a social media campaign to raise awareness of the importance of women’s leadership and universal health coverage (UHC) for women’s rights and gender equality. 

Gender equality is an essential foundation of UHC. Only gender-responsive UHC will meet the needs of all genders. But for UHC to be truly universal, it must also consider the health needs of women throughout their lives and integrate sexual and reproductive health. 

The campaign will run from Monday 28 June through Wednesday, 30 June 2021. 

#GenderUHC #GenerationEquality 

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