10 May 2022

As part of Universal Health Coverage (UHC) commitment monitoring, we want to tell the real stories of UHC as experienced by people across the globe. In this story, Deni from Indonesia describe local health facilities.

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My name is Deni, a 17 year old high school student from Cianjur, Indonesia. I am the youngest of three children in a middle-class family. My parents are farmers, and during the COVID-19 pandemic we faced some challenges. My hobbies are writing and reading poems and I want to share my story and experience in accessing health care in my village.

I live in a village that is surrounded by rice fields and far from the city centre. In my village, the health care facility is very accessible. I live around 15 minutes walking distance from the facility. Whenever I need a health check-up, I go there either using my bike, walking or via the public transportation. The health centre used to be very small, but now it has improved and was recognized as a “Puskesmas Layak Anak”, or child-friendly health centre.

This health centre is one of the best health centres since we can access many services. The services are satisfactory, and the staff are very friendly. They always provide the necessary guidance for registration and admission. However, waiting times before accessing the services are not ideal, especially due to limited working hours during the pandemic.

One day, I went to the health centre to get a blood test that is required by my new school. I used my BPJS (national health care card) to get free services. At first, I thought they would reject the card, but then I was allowed to use BPJS card. I felt justice. The BPJS national health care card card helps us not to worry about our health care access because we will be granted equal rights. I also went to the facility by myself although I am still a child, and the staff provided equal and friendly services to me.

"I felt justice. The BPJS national health care card card helps us not to worry about our healthcare access because we will be granted equal rights…[and] although I am still a child, and the staff provided equal and friendly services to me."

I hope this health centre can provide health services for all people. I hope the services can be improved and that the health centre will have longer operational hours so more people can have access. I hope the health centre can always provide free services for those who need it and that there is a waiting room for children based on their age to feel safe there. 

Note: This story may have been edited for clarity and shortened for fit on the UHC2030 webpage.

Category: Civil society and communities

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