Historically, we have 66 partners who signed up to the International Health Partnership + (IHP+) Global Compact as part of the IHP+ initiative since 2007. Read about our history here.

As part of the transformation process from IHP+ to UHC2030, we invite all our existing partners to sign the new UHC2030 global compact. We also invite new partners to join our movement. Read about how to become a new partner. UHC2030 has a broad membership drawn from the following constituencies


Multilateral organisations and global health initiatives

Philanthropic Organisations

Civil Society

Civil Society Organizations play an important role at global and country levels and can become formal UHC2030 partners. The following CSOs have signed the UHC2030 Global Compact. 

Find out more about CSO engagement 

Private sector

UHC2030 welcomes partnership with the private sector. If you are interested, please contact us info@UHC2030.org