5 octobre 2017

UHC - all countries can take action now

A new WHO publication: Together on the road to universal health coverage is a strong call to action for the global health community to collaborate and take action for universal health coverage. 

Universal health coverage is central to achieving better health and well-being for all people at all ages. It delivers disease prevention, health promotion, and treatment for communicable and noncommunicable diseases alike, while ensuring that individuals are not driven into poverty because of high costs.


Universal health coverage is needed for people’s health and sustainable development

ACTION: All countries must make universal health coverage a political priority.

Universal health coverage is possible and affordable for all countries

ACTION: Each country should use available evidence and tools to determine its own path towards universal health coverage.

Universal health coverage is people-centred and politically smart

ACTION: Countries should ensure that universal health coverage meets the needs and aspiration of its people, with their participation.

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