06 juillet - 17 juillet 2020

UHC2030 related events in the UN High-Level Political Forum in 2020.

UHC2030 related events in the UN High-Level Political Forum in 2020

HPLF main programme: Protecting and advancing human wellbeing and ending poverty

7 July 2020, 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM (EDT)

  • Advancing human well-being is at the heart of sustainable development and is about upholding human rights, eradicating poverty and deprivations across multiple dimensions, closing opportunity gaps and expanding capabilities – including those needed to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and its consequences. Protecting the well-being of all people is also about safeguarding the natural environment on which everyone depends including future generations and tapping into synergies across the SDGs. COVID-19 has laid bare shortfalls in many areas and threatens to push millions of people back into poverty. Pandemic response efforts and long-term development plans must work to eliminate poverty and hunger; reduce inequalities in opportunities; ensure access to quality health care and reduce exposure to disease; increase access to quality education and other services; and address persistent gender inequality. All of this is demonstrably possible, but recovering and building back better will require cooperation at all levels, collaboration and dialogue among multiple stakeholders to ensure no one is left behind, including the most vulnerable.
  • UHC2030 partners provided inputs to prepare the background document and Githinji Gitahi, UHC2030 co-chair is invited as a speaker in the program.

More information about the session here

VNR Lab - Mobilizing the resources to recover better

13 July 2020, 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM (EDT)

  • Scaling up the mobilization of financing from all sources will be critical to advance a recovery that is sustainable and resilient. Recovery measures must be geared to advance sustainable development, strengthen resilience and safeguard against climate and systemic risks. To achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, economies in a post-COVID world must be aligned with the 2030 Agenda. What will it take? Organizers: UN DESA Financing for Sustainable Development Office (FSDO)
  • Several UHC2030 partners are invited to speak

More information and registration is available here. 

VNR Lab - Beyond the Voluntary National Reviews: mobilizing support and building national partnerships

14 July 2020, 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (EDT)

  • Exploring and showcasing practices on how countries can systematically catalyze national multi-stakeholder partnerships for mobilizing and sharing knowledge, expertise, technologies and financial resources to support implementation of the SDGs, including through their Voluntary National Review process. The Lab will also explore how countries can help creating an enabling environment that may encourage and foster collaboration across stakeholders.

More information and registration (deadline 6 July) is available here

Side event - From Page to Action: Accountability for the Furthest Left Behind in COVID-19 & Beyond

13 July 2020, 7:45 AM-9:00 AM (EDT)

  • Launch event of the 2020 Report of the UN Secretary-General’s Independent Accountability Panel for Every Woman Every Child co-hosted by the Governments of Japan, South Africa and Georgia, and co-organized by the EWEC Secretariat, IAP, UHC2030 and PMNCH.
  • This virtual HLPF side event aims to:
    • Bring visibility to the critical importance of health accountability as a practical tool to ensure countries deliver on the promise of UHC for women, children, adolescents and those furthest left behind—especially as COVID-19 threatens to disrupt progress and reverse the gains
    • Energize and inspire stakeholders to act on the IAP recommendations to strengthen social-political accountability, especially at the country-level, and make health accountability everyone’s business
    • Set the scene and build momentum towards follow-up planned throughout the year
  • Several members of the UHC Movement Political Advisory Panel for UHC2030 and UHC2030 partners are invited to speak, which include launching of UHC2030’s multi-stakeholder survey for the ‘State of UHC Commitment’

More information about the session and registration (deadline 9 July)


Side event - Investing in Health: The key to building back better from COVID-19 and accelerating progress for universal health coverage and sustainable development

9 July 2020, 8:00 AM– 9:00 AM (EDT)

  • This virtual HLPF side event is co-hosted by the Governments of Japan, Georgia and Thailand and co-organized by WHO
  • The aim of the discussion will be to explore national examples, best practices, and lessons learned in responding to COVID-19, as well as critical investments needed for global health security, universal health coverage and sustainable development to ensure good health and well-being for everyone, everywhere.
  • A few members of the UHC Movement Political Advisory Panel for UHC2030 are invited to speak.

More information about the session and registration (deadline 6 July)