08 novembre - 09 novembre 2022

UHC2030 Steering Committee Co-Chair Ms Gabriela Cuevas Barron will attend the Reykjavík Global Forum, rallying intersectoral support for universal health coverage, and championing gender equality and health for all.

UHC2030 at the Reykjavík Global Forum - Women Leaders

On November 8-9th 2022, Women Political Leaders (WPL), the Government of Iceland, and the Parliament of Iceland will convene the fifth annual Reykjavík Women Leaders Global Forum. With the thematic title of Power, Together, the forum brings a cross-section of women leaders from all sectors, including politics, business, civil society, academia, the arts and media, together to share ideas and solutions on how to advance gender equality further and to promote and positively develop the number of women in leadership positions.

UHC2030 Steering Committee Co-Chair Ms Gabriela Cuevas Barron, will attend the forum and participate in a number of key conversations aimed at rallying intersectoral support for universal health coverage as well as championing gender equality and health for all, ahead of the UN High-level Meeting on UHC in 2023

Gender inequality remains a critical challenge in the health sector and leads to increased health risks for women and girls globally. Gender identity not only affects the scope of health needs and outcomes of care but also holds implications for how health systems plan and implement programs. 

Although women make up most of the health workforce, few women are in leadership roles. Compared with men, they are underpaid, underrepresented in decision-making positions, and frequently experience gender-based discrimination, violence and harassment. Women also disproportionately work in unpaid informal roles, lacking social protection. While the informal health workforce supports entire health systems, healthcare providers are rarely recognized, are frequently undervalued, and lack social and financial protection. 

Urgent action is needed in the health and social care sectors to achieve gender parity and gender equality in the workplace, increase women in leadership and decision-making roles and ensure decent work conditions for all – in the health sector and beyond. Only then can we reach universal health coverage and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Scheduled UHC2030-related conversations at the Reykjavík Women Leaders Global Forum.

Leaders Talk 

Does Your Country Have a Dedicated Women’s Health Policy in Place? A Discussion on Why It Should 

Theme: Gender Equality and Women’s Health 

Host: Hologic, Inc. 

Time: Tuesday, 8 November 11:30 am – 12:30 pm (GMT)

Ms Gabriela Cuevas Barron will be a panellist for this session focused on initiating action around the need to put women’s health at the forefront of policy. Women’s health is foundational to economies, societies and communities. When faced with global and national crises such as inflation, instability and others, women’s health is the key to recovery, stability and resilience. 

UHC2030 Leaders Talk

Championing gender equality and health for all

Host: UHC2030

Time: Wednesday 9 November, 11:30 am - 12:30 pm (GMT)

This Leaders Talk, convened by UHC2030, will focus on the role of women leaders as champions in the call for gender-transformative policies and health professional regulations through all levels of health governance in the lead-up to the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC in New York in September 2023 and beyond. The conversation will also provide a platform for women leaders to share their experiences, actions, solutions and commitments towards healthier and more equitable societies. Sharing best practices and approaches, and exchanging ideas and solutions with women leaders across the globe, the session supports the formulation of gender-transformative policies and health professional regulations through all levels of health governance. 


Jewel Howard-Taylor, Vice President, Republic of Liberia; President, Senate of Liberia 

Ayumi Moore Aoki, Founder and CEO, Women in Tech and Social Brain

Hanna Katrin Fridriksson, Member of the Icelandic Parliament


Gabriela Cuevas Barron, UHC2030 Steering Committee Co-Chair and honorary President of the Inter-Parliamentary Union

Main Stage Event

Pandemics: The Great Leveller?

Time: Wednesday 9 November, 13:55 pm - 14:15 pm (GMT)

Reflecting on gender inequalities brought to light during the COVID-19 pandemic, this mainstage conversation will make the case for universal healthcare coverage as a key to addressing inequity in society and as a pillar in future pandemic resistance. 


  • Amie Batson, Executive Director, WomenLift Health
  • Gabriela Cuevas Barron, Co-Chair of the UHC2030 Steering Committee; President, Inter-Parliamentary Union (2017-2020)
  • Agata Jakoncic, Managing Director, MSD Greece


  • Natasha Dupee, Commissioner, DC Advisory Neighbourhood Commission; Mentee, Running Start

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