25 septembre 2023

Delivered during the 78th Session of the UN General Assembly High-level Meeting on UHC

World leaders must reinvigorate progress towards universal health coverage

UHC is an investment, not a cost. It helps build stable economies and strong societies and is fundamental to addressing inequality in access to healthcare. All stakeholders have a role to play in supporting the realization of UHC.

Today, we are here to reinforce the private sector’s commitment to achieving UHC, which is outlined in our 2023 Private Sector Constituency Statement. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the need for sustained and robust investments in health, and the importance of multi-stakeholder engagement (including the private sector and civil society) by governments to achieve UHC. 

Given the high burden of infectious and non-communicable diseases globally, we encourage the multi-stakeholder panel to recognize the need for investment in preventive care (including self-care), immunization at all ages, early diagnosis, and treatment with quality medicines -- all underpinned by strong primary health care. The private sector is an engine for innovation that can not only improve health, but also increase health system efficiencies and sustainability.

We call on stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem to support UHC efforts by continuing to invest in healthcare and develop solutions that ensure sustainable access to high quality interventions for everyone.

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