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The suggested posts below reflect UHC2030's mission and the five Key Principles of the Global Compact

We have a focus on the three key policy areas that contribute to strong, equitable health systems: service delivery, health financing and governance. Learn more about the joint vision here.

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Suggested Posts: Health For All

  • We can all contribute to achieving universal health coverage. Let’s unite and work together towards good health and well-being for all. #LeaveNoOneBehind #HealthForAll #UHC2030
  • Access to quality health services should never depend on who you are, where you live, or how much money you have. RT if you believe in #HealthForAll! #UHC2030
  • Real people don’t experience health issues and costs in silos. Health systems must see the whole person. #HealthForAll #UHC2030

UHC2 leaves no one behind graphic

Suggested Posts: Universal Health Coverage

  • Universal health coverage is about ensuring all people can access quality health services, where & when they need them, without suffering financial hardship. #HealthForAll
  • #UHC is a movement for equal opportunity and government accountability – goals we can all get behind. #HealthForAll
  • Strong health systems are everybody’s business. We all have a role to play in improving the access to and quality of health services that leave no one behind. #HealthForAll #UHC2030
  • There is no single path to #UHC, but all journeys start with a bold first step. Together, we can achieve #HealthForAll. #UHC2030
Half the world need UHC graphic

Suggested Posts: Service Delivery

Reaching every person and community with comprehensive, quality health services and people-centered care.

  • Access to quality health services should never depend on who you are, where you live, or how much money you have. RT if you believe in #HealthForAll! #UHC2030
  • Strong #primaryhealthcare systems that reach every community with quality, comprehensive care are an essential building block of #UHC. #UHC2030
  • Real people don’t experience health issues and costs in siloes. Health systems must see the whole person #HealthForAll #UHC2030
  • Well-trained, well-paid #healthworkers are the backbone of a strong health system. We must support them to achieve #HealthForAll, everywhere. #UHC2030
  • Universal health coverage means ensuring that everyone, everywhere can access the safe, quality, affordable medicines they need to stay alive & healthy #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
  • Equity must be at the heart of any successful health reform. #UHC reaches the poorest and most marginalized first, not last. #HealthForAll #UHC2030

Service Delivery Graphic

Suggested Posts: Financing

Mobilising resources equitably and efficiently to ensure everyone can get the health care they need without fear of financial hardship.

  • Getting sick should not mean bankruptcy and poverty. That’s why financial protection must be in place to achieve #HealthForAll. #UHC2030
  • ~100 million people are pushed into extreme poverty paying for health services every year. That’s 100 million too many. It’s time to eliminate out-of-pocket costs to ensure nobody goes bankrupt when they get sick. #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
  • Health costs prevent millions of people from seeking or getting the care they need. Protecting the right to health means protecting people from financial hardship. #UHC2030
  • #UHC is a smart investment & achievable goal everywhere. Countries can mobilize 85% of the domestic resources needed to deliver on the promise of #HealthForAll #UHC2030
  • Lack of affordable, quality health care traps families and nations in poverty – #UHC can ensure that no one has to choose between good health and other life necessities #HealthForAll #UHC2030

Finance Graphic

Suggested Posts: Governance

Supporting national policies and systems that respond to the voices and needs of the people and protect the human right to health. UHC is first and foremost a social contract. By prioritizing investments in health equity, countries can foster stronger economies and more just societies.

  • With strong political will, every country—rich or poor—can build strong, equitable health systems that leave no one behind. #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
  • For health systems to benefit everyone, we need to hear from everyone. Community participation can make or break #UHC reforms. #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
  • There is no-one-size-fits-all approach to #UHC. But every journey begins with a commitment to human rights, equity & leaving no one behind. #UHC2030
Governance Graphic

Suggested Posts: Monitoring and Accountability

  • Over 800 million people spend at least 10% of their household budgets to pay for health care & at least half the world’s people cannot obtain the essential health services they need #HealthForAll
  • Measure what matters. Monitoring of #SDGs target 3.8 is incomplete unless it tracks two aspects of #UHC, financial protection & coverage of essential health services #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
  • Accountability mechanisms are crucial to expose who benefits & who is left behind from policy choices made in the name of #UHC #UHC2030 #HealthForAll 
  • Data alone will not achieve accountability. #UHC monitoring must lead to multi-stakeholder review & remedial actions #UHC2030 #HealthForAll
Monitoring & accountability graphic

Suggested Posts: UHC in Fragility: suggested texts and graphic

  • The world needs more attention to fragile settings to achieve Member States’ commitments to leaving no one behind. Over 1.6 billion people live and 85% of the world’s extreme poor are increasingly concentrated in fragile settings. #HealthForAll #UHC2030 #leavenoonebehind #fragilestates
  • USD 26 million is required each year to advance towards SDG3 in fragile settings. Increased flexibility across humanitarian and development health funding is essential to enable both rapid response and systems strengthening. #InvestInHealth #UHC2030 #fragilestates
  • Attacks on health care facilities and medical and humanitarian personnel violate International Humanitarian Law and must be brought to an end. #NotATarget #UHC2030
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