UHC2030 is producing a review called 'The State of UHC Commitment' for publication in December 2020. It will provide a multi-stakeholder consolidated view on the state of progress being made towards universal health coverage (UHC) at country and global levels. The review is political, country-focused and action oriented in nature and complements the more technical and global UHC monitoring report focusing on UHC indicators on service coverage and financial protection.

Supporting advocacy and accountability

The State of UHC Commitment will follow the UHC Political Declaration’s Key Targets, Commitments and Follow-up Actions and support national accountability and advocacy processes to ensure political leaders are held accountable for their UHC commitments. We hope that those who use the report go beyond health experts and governments, and include civil society organisations, academia, parliamentarians, private sector and media, who can use this information to contribute to the formal accountability processes in their countries.

Data for baseline and progress review

The review is an annual publication comprising both country profiles and a global synthesis report. It will collect and succinctly present available data from relevant databases which are listed on UHC2030’s UHC Data Portal, a single interface for accessing selected UHC and Health System data. In 2020, the review will present available data since 2015, aiming to set a baseline of UHC commitments in all countries, rather tracking progress of commitments. From 2021 and on, the review will track progress on the baseline commitments presented in 2020. Each year, the primary focus will be the 40-50 countries who take part in the UN HLPF Voluntary National Review. This approach allows the review to systematically feed into the country-led multi-stakeholder dialogues on a comprehensive review of Sustainable Development, instead of creating another parallel accountability mechanism for UHC.

Country profiles

The online country profiles will provide a snap-shot of the state of individual country UHC commitments, centered around the key commitment areas of the UHC political declaration. In 2020, COVID-19 related information will also be included to reflect the current global context.

Synthesis report

The synthesis report will summarise the state of UHC commitment at both the country and global level through the lens of recent political circumstances in global health. In 2020, the report will focus on how the world has coped to date with the extradordinary challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. It will share short stories from real people demonstrating the reality of UHC on the ground.

The State of UHC Concept Brief

Timeline of production

The Country profile baselines were launched in November 2020.

The synthesis report will be launched on UHC Day on 12.12.20.

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