What is UHC2030?

UHC2030 is the global movement to build stronger health systems for UHC. It provides a platform to convene and build connections through joint high-level events or gathering of experts and contributes advocacy, tools, guidance, knowledge and learning. This supports all relevant stakeholders to take more effective and coherent action in support of countries’ efforts to achieve UHC, based on a shared vision for health systems that protect everyone and a shared commitment to leave no one behind.

UHC2030 brings together diverse partners including governments, international organizations and global health initiatives, philanthropic foundations, civil society, and the private sector. UHC2030 also brings together partnerships, collaboratives and networks which focus on strengthening different aspects of health systems, and promotes mutually reinforcing action and sharing of information, learning and resources.

What are the benefits of being part of UHC2030?

By joining UHC2030, UHC2030 partners collectively subscribe to a shared vision to strengthen health systems and key principles to guide action.

UHC2030 offers a multi-stakeholder platform to engage, make your voice heard and share lessons and evidence to accelerate progress towards UHC:

  • Influence national and international commitments. 
  • Hold decision-makers to account. 
  • Develop common tools, guidance and principles.
  • Shape a shared vision for health systems that protect everyone.
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