Having consensus on what constitutes a good health system assessment (HSA) and approaches to carry out HSAs jointly are important steps towards better coordination of health systems strengthening efforts and accelerating progress towards UHC.

It is well recognised that countries face challenges when varying HAS approaches with a wide range of objectives are used. This has led to a lack of comparability of results across time as each approach comes with a different set of assumptions and weighting of issues.

During multistakeholder consultations in 2016, UHC2030 partners gave broad support for a technical working group to examine the pros and cons of the various options for harmonization, and eventually develop the options chosen. In addition, several UHC2030 partners have expressed the need to discuss and develop common benchmarking for health system performance assessment. 

Discussions leading to establishing UHC2030 made a clear call to form a UHC 2030 technical working group to further elaborate on:

1) the specifics of HSA harmonization and alignment

2) a common understanding of measuring health systems performance towards UHC.

Preliminary objectives

The overall aim of the technical working group will be to have an overview of options for doing a HSA, with guidance on how to undertake country-led and country tailored processes. 

Specific objective are:

1) to recommend options for conducting a more harmonised and aligned HSA, with practical guidance on the optimal country-led and demand-driven process.

2) to recommend a common, adaptable annotated framework for health systems performance assessment.

It is hoped that by fulfilling the above-mentioned aims, HSAs will serve countries’ health systems progress and truly contribute to improved health systems performance while reducing the often heavy administrative burden. The tool review can be found here.


Working Group Terms of Reference

Meetings and notes for the record

Online meeting 4 February 2020 meeting notes

Virtual meeting 2July 2019 meeting notes

Second-face-to face meeting on 6-7 November 2018 in Geneva final report and presentations

Virtual meeting on 5 July 2018 meeting notes

Virtual meeting on 31 January 2018 meeting notes

First-face-to face meeting on 17-18 October 2017 in Geneva final report and presentations

Video/audio conference on 2 August 2017 Presentation

For further information please contact: 

Dheepa Rajan, WHO, rajand@who.int

Julia Sallaku, WHO sallakuj@who.int

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