UHC2030 brings together existing partnerships, alliances and networks referred to as ‘related initiatives’ that focus on strengthening comprehensive or specific areas of health systems with the goal of universal health coverage.

UHC2030 also engages with related initiatives that focus on specific diseases or population groups to facilitate a more integrated approach to strengthening accountability and advocating for equitable and sustainable progress towards UHC. 

Engagement in UHC2030 is voluntary and open to any related initiative that seeks to collaborate towards achieving the aim and objectives of the partnership.

Here are some initiatives that engage with and provide crucial support to UHC2030. 

Health systems specific initiatives 

Other related initiatives

“As data is a critical component for achieving the health-related Sustainable Development Goals and Universal Health Coverage, the Health Data Collaborative underpins comprehensive health systems strengthening initiatives and promotes collective action for improving country data systems through better alignment of investments and support.”

Health Data Collaborative

“P4H is proud to support the UHC2030 movement and to increase integration within the UHC2030 family, alongside other global networks committed to health development and performance." 


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