A UHC2030 Technical Working Group is a multi-stakeholder and activity-oriented group of technical experts brought together to collectively deliver on a priority area of work as identified in the UHC2030 workplan.

UHC2030 Technical Working Groups are set up with agreement of the Steering Committee, which approves the terms of reference. 

Current Technical Working Groups that relate to health systems strengthening are:

1. Public financial management technical working group.

2. UHC in fragile settings technical working group.

3. Sustainability, transition from external financing, and health system strengthening technical working group.

4. Health systems assessment technical working group 

5. Multisectoral action technical working group 

Generic terms of reference for UHC2030 working groups 

[Please note: in addition to this, there are ad hoc groups to define and develop the Accountability, Advocacy, Knowledge Management workstreams. However these are not technical working groups.] 

Photo: Atul Loke (WHO)

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