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As part of the fifth round of IHP+ Results monitoring of effective development cooperation in health, Vietnam held a multi-stakeholder meeting on 17 February 2017, in Hanoi. Several different stakeholder groups attended including the Ministry of Health, six development partners and civil society. Stakeholder at the meeting appreciated the work done through the monitoring process and have committed to continue to have more meetings with those involved in the exercise.


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Alignment of support against the Health Sector Strategy

100% of participating DPs confirm they align their support with the national (or sub-national /sector) Health Sector Strategy.

Was the national health sector plan jointly assessed?

Stakeholders that supported the joint assessment

Other mechanisms for mutual accountability include sharing information via mass media, via Health Partnership Group meetings - policy dialogues among DPs, MOH and line agencies and via Technial Working Groups.

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A national M&E plan for the National Health Strategy exists?

22% of participating DPs only use national health sector indicators to monitor their support

67% of participating DPs confirm they participated in the mutual accountability processes.

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Overview of DP Performance