In 2019, UHC2030 convened a powerful movement of diverse voices around a set of Key Asks, which fed into the 2019 Political Declaration on UHC. UHC Key Asks were core requests for governments and political leaders to take action on UHC, and were created collectively by a range of health and other stakeholders from around the world. Through multi-stakeholder consultation, UHC2030 will update Key Asks from the UHC Movement (UHC Key Asks 2.0) in early 2023 before multi-stakeholder hearing.

After the first UN HLM, UHC2030 summarized the key targets, commitments and follow-up actions contained within the Political Declaration, in relation to UHC Key Asks. UHC2030 also contributed to the Guide to Global Health Diplomacy: Better Health – Improved Global Solidarity – More Equity

Lastly, UHC2030 initiated the State of UHC Commitment review, which brings a unique multi-stakeholder view to a simple question: Are countries acting on their commitments to UHC? The State of UHC Commitment supports national accountability and advocacy processes to ensure political leaders are held accountable for their UHC commitments. The review includes country profiles of all UN member states, which can be accessed through our UHC Data Portal.

In the next UN HLM, UHC2030 will play the following roles in close collaboration with diverse partners:

  1. Make the most use of the State of UHC Commitment review for the preparation of UN HLM
  2. Stimulate public and multi-stakeholder attention to UHC agenda prior to UN HLM on various occasions, such as International UHC Day
  3. Coordinate multi-stakeholder consultation process to prepare UHC Key Asks 2.0 before the multi-stakeholder hearing to be convened by the President of the General Assembly
  4. Support preparation of UN HLM multi-stakeholder hearings and multi-stakeholder panels in 2023, including areas of multi-sectoral action, synergies between SDG3 and other SDGs
  5. Mobilize high-level UHC champions from the UHC Movement Political Advisory Panel to support political advocacy towards UN HLM
  6. Mobilize the Coalition of Partnerships to advocate a more comprehensive and ambitious declaration, in line with the global health commitments 2015-2030
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