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Zambia Mo U.2012 (254 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Zambia

Mauritania Compact 2012- 2015 (5.42 MB)

Togo Compact 2012 English Translation (1.80 MB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Togo

Revue pacte nationaux 2010 Fr (203 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts

Cambodia Joint Partnership Arrangement for HSSP 2008-2012 (462 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Cambodia

Nigeria Compact 2010.signed (8.00 MB)

Desenvolvimento de um Compacto num pais.dez 2012 (535 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts

Burkina Faso Compact 2013 French (1.03 MB)

Review country compacts 2010 En (139 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts

Benin Country Case Study 2011 EN (147 kB)

Developing Partnership Agreements final 2010 (139 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts

Compact Guidance Oct 2008 (308 kB)

Sierra Leone Progress 15 May 2012 FINAL (41 kB)

Bénin:Case Study: Documenting results of implementing aid effectiveness principles in the health sector - 2011 (147 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Benin

Bénin Presentation of Case Study: Documenting Results of Efforts to Improve Health Aid Effectiveness 2011 (97 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Benin

Mozambique Compact 2008 (231 kB)

Burundi Cadre Partenariat (Country Compact) 2008 (681 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Burundi

Burundi Country Compact 2012-2015 Signed French (637 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Burundi

Chad Pre-Compact 2011 French (3.09 MB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Chad

Djibouti Improving health effectiveness mission report Feb March 2012 (836 kB)

Categories: Country Compacts, Djibouti

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