I am a Kenyan nurse working for the government. I have a passion for Wound Care. I was excited and happy for our patients when the UHC scheme was launched in our hospital “The Jaramogi Oginga Odinga teaching and referral hospital”. 

The hospital is located in the western region of Kenya. It serves more than 10 counties in the western region of Kenya with a population of more than 5 million. The hospital has an inpatient bed capacity of 503 with a bed occupancy of 94.8%, while 107 of these cases are surgical cases related to wounds.

On January 8th 2019, Universal Health Coverage (UHC) was launched at the hospital which became a major boost for the county’s health care services. UHC is a scheme launched by Government of Kenya and piloted in four Counties out of forty-seven. It ensures that everyone everywhere can access Health services where and when needed without financial hardship. With UHC scheme launched in our hospital, wound care management has greatly improved, as the difficult-to-heal wounds that need surgical intervention is now fully sponsored.

However, some challenges emerged with the UHC scheme launch; this includes an increased workload but a shortage of health care providers and adequate space to accommodate the large numbers of patients seeking health services. There is also a knowledge gap on the management of wounds, and a lack of a training program in the facility on this issue. There is a need to hire more health care providers, expand the surgical units, and develop training programs for the healthcare workers on surgical wound management.

Note: Each story has been edited for clarity and in cases, shortened for fit on the UHC2030 webpage.

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