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28 mai 2015

A desk based review, commissioned by the Australian aid programme, focusing on six countries in Asia and Pacific:  Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands.

This report presents the findings from a desk-based review of evidence on the effectiveness of donor support for the health sector through the use of sector-wide approaches (SWAps), sector budget support and government systems. Six countries in the Asia Pacific region where the Australian aid program has used such approaches and/or systems were reviewed in detail—Bangladesh, Cambodia, Nepal, Papua New Guinea, Samoa, and Solomon Islands. The findings are discussed in the context of the broader international literature.

It is important to note that this report is based on the findings of donors’ (including Australia) experience in supporting sector-wide approaches in Asia and the Pacific. It does not evaluate the effectiveness of Australia’s broader interventions in health system reform.

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