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UHC2030 Joint Vision Executive Summary Chinese (348 kB)

HSA TWG Face to face meeting Oct 2017 (2,65 MB)

UHC2030 FS TWG Final Meeting Report November 2017 (590 kB)

Les paroles aux partenaires sur le Rapport Mondial de Suivi 2017: la CSU (228 kB)

ITM Literature Review on Evidence on Coordination and HSS (2,03 MB)

HSA TWG Tier Groups (88 kB)

UHC2030 Transition Working Group Report Meeting March 2017 (349 kB)

Fragility working group note for the record 14 September 2017 (162 kB)

Togo PNDS 2012-15 (3,16 MB)

DRC documenting results presentation 2011 eng (1,20 MB)

Ethiopia Roadmap one plan one budget and one report 2012 (909 kB)

Mozambique Health Sector Review 2012 (1,78 MB)

Mozambique Joint Annual Review 2011 (2,40 MB)

El Salvador National Health Plan 2009-2014 (7,17 MB)

Gambia National Health Policy 2012-2020 Mo HSW[1] (0,98 MB)

Kenya Public Health and Sanitation Strategic Plan 2008-2012 (1,88 MB)

Madagascar National Health Plan 2007-2011 (1,37 MB)

Mali Roadmap for the Development of the New Health Plan 2011 (1,30 MB)

Mali Plan Stratégique National pour le Renforcement du Système de Santé 2009-2015 (760 kB)

Mauritanie: Analyse de la Situation du Secteur de Santé 2011 (2,11 MB)

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