The UHC2030 logo can be used by UHC2030 partners and related initiatives that support the mission and goals of UHC2030, but we request that you contact us first. UHC2030 members, partners and related initiatives are not authorized to use the UHC2030, WHO or World Bank logo or names for commercial or promotional purposes.

We will send you the official files for the logo in English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. Please contact us on 

We also ask the following: 

  • Please do not change or adapt the logo in any way. 
  • We request that you do not use the UHC2030 logo and brand where it may be perceived that UHC2030 is the author of your publication or output. 
  • Therefore, please use the logo in association with your own organisational brand and logo in a way that makes it clear your organisation is the owner and author of the output.
  • The use of the UHC2030 logo by another organisation does not represent endorsement of the content by the UHC2030 Steering Committee or other partners. 
  • The UHC2030 logo should not be used in association with advertising or with the names of proprietary products.

Please send us a link to the final product where you have included the logo; we would love to know how UHC2030 is being welcomed and promoted around the world.

If you have any questions about the correct use of the logo or brand please contact We will be happy to help in any way.

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